SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen on Medical Jane Review

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SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen on Medical Jane Review

While vape products are becoming the essential oils lover's method of choice among numerous demographics, vaping is gaining headway in the aromatherapy community. Between its health benefits and the development of newer and better vape devices, there has never been a healthier and more evolved time to vape.


Throughout their website, users will find various troves of information on Medical Jane regarding aromatherapy and how it functions medicinally. 


Recently, Medical Jane featured an article on the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, and it not only detailed the benefits of vaping, but how the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen functions as an essential oil vaporizing device. 


"SOURCEvapes... is credited with starting 'The Double Coil Revolution.'"

- Matt Price, Medical Jane



Levels of SOURCE orb 4

The Medical Jane article details 3 products compatible with not only the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, but with previous generations of SOURCE orb vape pens, as well. Medical Jane delves into the Attachment, Signature Kit, and Premium Kit, and details each of their unique features and functions that meet varying needs of users. 


For new and veteran SOURCEvapes users alike, the Medical Jane article acts as an excellent guide in navigating and choosing which SOURCE orb 4 product is best for them. The article also details how to use the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, and how to adjust its temperature and wattage settings with the 40w temp control battery.


You can read up and learn much more on the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen here



SOURCE volt 40w Temp Control Sub-Ohm Battery

Vaping is unique from other methods of aromatherapy consumption because it entails cooking essential oils at very high temperatures. Medical Jane's Matt Price discusses how the SOURCE volt 40w temp control sub-ohm battery is unique from other vape pen batteries


"I’ve never seen another vape pen with a fully customizable temperature range of 500 degrees
and I’ve seen a lot of vaporizers through my years..."
- Matt Price, Medical Jane



That's right. The SOURCE volt 40w temp control battery has a 500°F temperature range that extends from 200°F up to 700°F!


This means that users can adjust the SOURCE volt 40w temp control battery in order to heat up their SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, or other compatible SOURCE vape pens, faster, while controlling the intensity of their hits.



Generations of Vaping

"SOURCEvapes doesn’t make you reinvest each time a new version of their vape pen is released.
Instead, the company’s dedication to a universal, timeless design
makes it cheap and painless to swap pieces from generation to generation."
Matt Price, Medical Jane



Every time we release a new vape pen generation, we don't let our other products go to the wayside. We are constantly working on revamping past products in order to bring you a better vaping experience.

We understand that people don't want to have to replace their old vape pens every time a new version comes out. We also don't believe that you should have to buy a new vape every time a new atomizer is released. That's why our vape pens are cross compatible. That's why we give our customers the option to swap out older generations of coiled and coil-less atomizers for new ones.

Our products are made with the finest materials on the planet, like the grade 1 and grade 2 titanium used in our atomizers, and stainless steel 303 used in the attachment body, so users don't experience the wear-and-tear of other vape pen products while also experiencing true taste. But when new editions are released, that means we've given more power back to the user in choosing the intensity and flavors of their vaping experience. 

Because we are constantly working to make our products better, we encourage our users to stay up-to-date so they don't miss out on improving their vaping experience. 



Medical Jane's Review of SOURCE orb 4 as a Guide

For readers interested in learning more about the health benefits of vaping, and how the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen functions as a top-of-the-line vape product, Medical Jane's review of the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen can also act as an excellent guide for new and returning customers alike.

Check out the article on Medical Jane, and learn more about the health benefits of vaping, on their site.