SOURCE orb 4 Featured on Vapor Review Blog

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SOURCE orb 4 Featured on Vapor Review Blog
The vape world's finest source for everything vaporizer-related just reviewed the entire SOURCE orb 4 collection. Vapor Review Blog provides vape pen users alike with the most honest feedback, advice, and information regarding vaporizers of all forms.




Let's look at what Vapor Review Blog had to say about SOURCE orb 4!

SOURCE orb 4 attachment

"SOURCE orb 4 is a pen style vaporizer...

Pretty classy stuff."



Variable Airflow System & Magnetic Mouthpiece

"The real talking point, the real shining star of the SOURCE orb 4 is this variable airflow system."

- Vapor Review Blog


variable airflow system source orb

Variable Airflow System


According to Vapor Review Blog, the premiere highlight of SOURCE orb 4 is its variable airflow system. Recently upgraded, the variable airflow systems allows users to control how much air comes into contact with their material. In being able to choose from 5 different settings, users can control the heat and intensity of their hits. 


magnetic lock vaporizer

Revolutionary Magnetic Lock Mouthpiece Attachment


SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock also caught Vapor Review Blog's attention. We've revolutionized the way users are able to reload their vape. With other vape pens, users waste time unscrewing their mouthpiece attachments to reload their pen. But with SOURCE orb 4, users can simply pull the magnetic lock attachment apart and back together with ease. 


magnetic lock vape pen

"This is really the newest evolution."


Dabbers get an entirely new vape experience with SOURCE orb 4. The magnetic mouthpiece not only makes reloading easier and cleaner, but a more custom experience with airflow choices between 5 different settings! 



Custom Dabs Of All Varieties 

The evolutionary mouthpiece on SOURCE orb 4 is not the only component for making truly custom hits based on the user's liking. SOURCE orb 4 is compatible with 4 Series atomizers, which come in a variety of coils, materials, and coilless options. 


4 Series atomizers

4 Series Atomizers


Vapor Review Blog goes over 3 vape pen kits which feature SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen. They are:


• SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen Attachment
• SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit
• SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit 
Each kit comes with a different variety of 4 Series atomizers and vape pen builds. The cheapest kit is the Coilless Quartz Vape Pen Attachment, which gives users 3 mouthpiece attachments to choose from. It comes with three double coiled atomizers, as well as a coilless atomizer. This is the option for anybody who already has a SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery and wants to upgrade the look of their mouthpiece. 
SOURCE orb 4 vape pen attachment
SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen Attachment Kit
SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit is the next upgrade as it features a single coiled atomizer, three double coiled atomizers, and two coilless atomizers. Though the Premium Kit costs more than the Vape Pen Attachment Kit, it comes with everything a vaper could need: aside from a variety of atomizers, this vaporizer features the traditional vape pen build that's sleek and versatile from any other vape pen on the market.
SOURCE orb 4 premium kit
 SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit
The big daddy of the entire SOURCE orb 4 collection would be in the Signature Kit. It features all nine 4 Series atomizers, a new and upgraded SOURCE volt Max temp control battery, a sleek and easy-to-carry metal briefcase, and all of the necessary amenities that vapers need, like a material tool, cleaning cloth, and container. 
SOURCE orb 4 signature kit
SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit

Further Customize Hits with Temp Control!

If there's anybody who knows about temperature control on a vaporizer the most, Vapor Review Blog is one of the most reliable and informative sources out there! 

In his review of SOURCE orb 4, King from Vapor Review Blog looks at SOURCE orb 4's temperature control in-depth.

With SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery, users can choose to power up and heat their dabs using temperature or wattage control. Low temp and intense high temp dabbers alike can choose from a 500°F temperature range that extends between 200°F and 700°F! 

Watch the rest of Vapor Review Blog's analysis of SOURCE orb 4, & check out other reviews by Vapor Review Blog!





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