SOURCE orb 4 Scores 9.5/10 on Vaporizer-Review!

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SOURCE orb 4 Scores 9.5/10 on Vaporizer-Review!

Vape pens are becoming the new way to effectively vaporize on the go. It’s a cleaner, faster and more convenient method compared to combustion.



Vaporizer-Review is a resourceful blog that provides its community with in-depth reviews on the newest vaporizer pens, portable eRigs, and other devices to vaporize.

Based on performance, Vaporizer-Review ranks vape pens and gives them ratings out of a high score of 10. Recently, Vaporizer-Review gave SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit a score of 9.5 out of 10

An array of new improvements allowed the innovative SOURCE orb 4 vape pen to score a 9.5, and its coilless atomizers definitely played a major role in its nearly perfect score!



SOURCE orb 4 Atomizers

 SOURCE orb 4 review

With the endless variety of essential oils, atomizers are required to meet and work with the varying consistencies and types of material.

SOURCE orb 4 is a wax pen comes with everything you need for every type of material.

Thicker materials require an atomizer like a black ceramic wrapped with titanium coils. Runnier and more fluid-like essential oils require coilless atomizers. While SOURCE orb 4 is compatible with 3 Series atomizers, 4 Series atomizers feature a selection of upgraded coiled and coilless atomizers. 


“I consider the orb 4 Premium the best-valued vaporizer. It honestly gets that title solely from the number of atomizers that you receive in the box.”

- Vaporizer-Review



5 Setting Variable Airflow System & Magnetic Lock

As vape pen technology evolves, dabbers are becoming more capable of customizing their dabs exactly to their liking. When we upgraded SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, we upgraded its 5 setting Variable Airflow System, which gives control back to the user in choosing the intensity of their dabs. The airflow holes are easily adjustable and can help create the perfect vape clouds, big or small.

In years prior, vape pens required to be unscrewed in order to reload. SOURCE orb 4's attachment does not need to be unscrewed because the threading has been replaced with a magnet! SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock allows for faster loading and helps prevent essential oils from getting stuck in the threading. The magnetic lock is durable so the vape pen doesn't come apart during hits. It can easily be pulled apart when it's time to reload. 

SOURCE orb 4's Premium battery allows for superior control over the size and intensity of one's vape clouds. The higher the voltage, the bigger the rips. Low temperature hitters can also enjoy vaping with SOURCE orb 4 as much as big cloud hitters.


SOURCE orb 4 outperforms all other vape pens on the market, and it scored 9.5/10 on Vaporizer-Review!

With new upgrades, a selection of coiled & coilless atomizers, a new magnetic lock, and an improved 5 setting Variable Airflow System, vapers can customize their vape sessions exactly to their liking. 


Watch Vaporizer-Review try out SOURCE orb 4 vape pen and see why it scored 9.5/10:

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