Source Orb 4 Review - The Chill Bud

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Source Orb 4 Review - The Chill Bud

The Chill Bud is a website “by stoners, for stoners”, full of news, reviews and lifestyle articles. Source Vapes recently sent them a Source Orb 4 premium kit to check out, and the results didn’t disappoint!

Source Orb 4 Vape Pen

The Source Orb 4 married form and function to create one of the best looking high end vaporizer pens available.”
- The Chill Bud

The Source Orb 4 vaporizer is designed with a new stainless-steel construction, and is USA lab-certified for purity. The 2nd Generation Variable Airflow System has 5 settings which gives users the freedom to choose their favorite airflow. This pen includes a new magnetic lock for easier loading of concentrates, and a monstrous SIX different 4 Series atomizers to choose from!

What you get in the box:

  • Source Orb 4 attachment
  • Sub-Ohm battery
  • Stainless steel dab tool
  • Silicone wax container
  • Microfiber cloth
  • 510 USB charging cable
  • Wall charger
  • Quartz single coil atomizer
  • Quartz double coil atomizer
  • Black ceramic double coil atomizer
  • White ceramic double coil atomizer
  • Quartz coil-less atomizer
  • Titanium coil-less atomizer
Everything included in Source orb 4


At $99.95, The Chill Bud considered the price a bargain for everything included. The price of the pen is similar to most high-quality concentrate vape pens out there. However, Source Vapes includes more quality pieces!

The fact that they include a whopping 6 atomizers makes the Source Orb 4 really stand out from the rest.”
- The Chill Bud

Variable Airflow System

The first thing noticed during review was the unique design of the upper attachment. The elegant teardrop attachment includes a 5-hole variable air system (VAS) for customizable hits. The Chill Bud talks over the simplicity of design and how easy it was to use.

There is a rotating cover around the 5 holes on either side. This allows the user to control their smoking experience, according to taste. Open more holes for a light, less concentrated hit, and close holes over for a stronger, more concentrated version.

A a good vape pen accommodates many styles of dabbing, without compromising flavor. The new and improved VAS on Source Orb 4 adjusts a dab to the exact airflow preference of the user.

If you want to customize your vaporizing experience even more, you can! Ranging from 2.7V – 4.2V, this pen also allows you to choose precise voltage (temp) settings. Find the dial at the bottom of the Source Orb 4 battery.

A powerful vape pen that offers thick vapor clouds, great taste, loads of customization and a sexy design
-The Chill Bud

Source Orb 4 Atomizers

The Chill Bud explains the SIX atomizers and describes what they’re best used for. 

Low temperature rips with either of the bucket atomizers was their final favorite!

6 x Source Vapes Atomizers to choose from!


Quartz coil-less atomizer / Titanium coil-less atomizer: 

A quartz (or Titanium) bucket screws tightly into place over a ceramic donut type element. The wax or oil doesn’t come into direct contact with the heating element. Meaning the user gets flavorful vapor pulls with no risk of burning concentrates or ruining a coil. The perfect atomizers for tasty low-temp hits.

(The buckets in the coil-less atomizers are also removable - making them easier to clean.)

Black ceramic double coil atomizer: 

Source Vapes black ceramic rods are used to better absorb and vaporize runny concentrates. These atomizers are 50% bigger and more porous than the white, soaking up more product and giving better clouds.

White ceramic double coil atomizer: 

The Chill Bud says this is a great choice for “waxy concentrates if you’re looking for robust vapor pulls.”

Quartz single and Quartz double coil atomizers: 

Enjoy the same high-quality titanium coils wrapped around either 1 or 2 quartz rods – you decide.

[All coiled atomizers have been upgraded with genuine 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium, Lab-Certified in the USA]

“The real magic is in the atomizers that Source Vapes has developed.”
-The Chill Bud

510 Threading, Magnets & Stainless Steel

The top portion of the vaporizer is secured to the base with 510 threading. The mouthpiece on the other hand uses a powerful magnet, making reloading a breeze.

Made from stainless steel, the weight of this vaporizer gives it a high quality and durable feel. This thing is tough, and though slightly longer, it still fits in a pocket or purse.

The patent-pending design includes a mouthpiece with an upgraded magnetic lock for an easier way to load, and reload. All you need to do is pull the top, load your concentrate, click close, and puff away.

Source Orb 4 magnetic mouthpiece

Ease of Use

The Chill Bud was impressed with the performance of the Source Orb 4, and it’s ability to provide clean, flavorful and consistent hauls from the very first time you pick it up.”

The temperature dial and single button design make it simple to use and maintain. Source Orb 4 also comes with a no-hassle lifetime warranty!

The Source Orb 4 is simple to use and provides some of the best vapor hauls I’ve ever had from a concentrate pen.”
- The Chill Bud

Source Orb 4 

The Chill Bud concluded the review by stating;

The Source Orb 4 is presented as a high-end vaporizer pen that uses the absolute best materials. Source Vapes prides themselves on their atomizers, and go above and beyond by including 6 of them in the box.”

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