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SOURCE orb 4 Scores 9.2/10 on iMarijuanit!

Canada's premiere reviewer for everything vapes recently unboxed and tried out the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen...




and it scored 9.2 out of 10!


SOURCE orb 4 on iMarijuanit
SOURCE orb 4 Scores 9.2/10 on iMarijuanit


Taylor Williams is a vaporizer connoisseur based out of Canada, and he created iMarijuanit as a resource for news, information, reviews, and everything-vaporizers. The guy knows his stuff, and we were stoked to hear what he had to say about the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, in his newly released written report AND unboxing vlog...


"[SOURCE orb 4] is quite an impressive little unit."

- iMarijuanit


SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen

SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen



A Selection of Atomizers 

SOURCE orb 4 atomizers

4 Series Atomizers


Taylor from iMarijuanit gives a great breakdown of the 4 Series. Recently here at SOURCEvapes, we renamed our SOURCE orb 4 atomizers. They're now being referred to as 4 Series

With the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, dabbers get the newly threaded and redesigned build that not only looks cool, but is made with 303 stainless steel, which is the healthiest material ever made on a vaporizer. 

In the 4 Series, users get a selection of single and double coiled atomizers made with USA-tested grade 1 titanium with quartz, white ceramic, and black ceramic plates. Users also get 2 coil-less atomizers that are respectively made with USA-tested grade 2 titanium and quartz. 


"For those of you who've never tried a coilless atomizer before, they are absolute fantastic, and I highly, highly recommend them."

- Taylor from iMarijuanit



In his review, Taylor talks about why he likes coil-less atomizers. He prefers coil-less atomizers not only because they are easier to clean, but because they produce more enhanced flavor compared to most coiled atomizers. 


SOURCE terra 2 coil-less atomizer

SOURCE terra 2 Coil-less Atomizer


For users looking to experience more flavor, he recommends using a coiled or coil-less ceramic atomizer for bringing out the flavor in your vaping every time. 


double coil black ceramic Series 4

Double Coil Black Ceramic Atomizer


While quartz, ceramic, and titanium atomizers produce awesomely different effects, Taylor recommends the grade 1 titanium double coiled atomizers for vapers who like ripping big clouds with intense effect. 



Easy, Reliable, & Custom Dabs

"The SOURCE orb 4 is a truly simplistic and convenient little vape pen."


Taylor goes on to talk about how easy the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen is to use. With just 5 clicks, users can switch the vape pen on and vaporize their favorite materials. The atomizers assemble on just as easily!


Turning On SOURCE orb 4
Turning On the SOURCE orb 4


Here at SOURCEvapes, we are always working to create better versions of past generations of vape pens and atomizers, and we achieved that with the SOURCE orb 4. As many already know, what makes the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen so unique is its magnetic lock that makes reloading your vape pen quicker, cleaner, and easier process. 


"It has a magnetic chamber to it. It just snaps together really nicely. The one thing that they added to the SOURCE orb 4 was a stronger magnet from the previous version, and I gotta say, it's a very strong magnet."


Taylor also discusses how impressed he was by the long battery life on this innovative vape pen. He discusses that despite the SOURCE orb 4's 650mah sub-ohm variable voltage battery's small size, he was able to get over 2 hours of vaping with a single charge. 

Between a variety of atomizers, long battery life, and a magnetic lock that makes reloading an easier process, how else can users customize their vape sessions to their liking? 

With the upgraded variable airflow system, users can choose from 5 airflow settings and determine how much air comes into the chamber.


iMarijuanit Rates Source orb 4

iMarijuanit Rates SOURCE orb 4


SOURCE orb 4 Scores 9.2 out of 10!

I gotta say, guys... I would highly recommend this vaporizer. I really like it. I'm not typically a fan of vape pens because like I said, they tend to not have the best vapor quality. This one on the other hand gives you just phenomenal vapor quality. The vapor production on this vape pen is unlike any other vape pen I've ever used. I would go as far to say that this is the best vape pen I've ever used.


Thanks for the review, iMarijuanit! 



 Watch Taylor from iMarijuanit unbox the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit...



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