SOURCE orb 4 & SOURCE 10cig v5 on StrainCentral Featuring SlowerFuture

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SOURCE orb 4 & SOURCE 10cig v5 on StrainCentral Featuring SlowerFuture

This past fall, SOURCEvapes provided good vibin' dabs on an episode of StrainCentral that featured fellow toker, SlowerFuture. As a source for entertainment and education, StrainCentral features reviews of vape pens and other vape products. 



In this episode of StrainCentral, Josh and SlowerFuture vape with the coilless SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pens while unboxing a package of glass pipes. These guys seem pretty excited to unravel what's inside their package of glass pipes, and they're vaping beforehand to get ready for some serious and awesome unboxing.


StrainCentral's Josh is vaping from the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, while SlowerFuture is vaping with the SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pen. 


SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

During Josh's introduction, he waves his SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen, and accidentally knocks off the mouthpiece doing so. 


"This [SOURCE orb 4] is magnetic, and I forgot about that...
Apparently I can't use this as a conducting wand..."
- Josh, Strain Central
 Being Goofy and Chattin' About SOURCE orb 4's Magnetic Lock


The updated magnets on our SOURCE orb 4 vape pen sets it apart from other brands of vape pens that are currently available on the market. Last generation, the threading on the SOURCE orb 3 required users to screw and unscrew the mouthpiece every time they wanted to reload their dabs. With the SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock, the mouthpiece can be pulled off and back on to help make reloading a faster, easier, and cleaner process.


As we witness the magnetic mouthpiece fly off as Josh waves his SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, the magnetic lock is clearly not always durable enough to endure sudden hand movements. We've recently upgraded the magnets on the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen here at SOURCEvapes, so our users can enjoy their dabbing escapades without worry. If you are a customer who still has one of the originally released SOURCE orb 4 kits or attachments, please contact us so we can upgrade you to the updated SOURCE orb 4 with more powerful magnets for free.

"... the magnets are stronger now."
- SlowerFuture
SOURCE orb 4's Magnetic Lock


Because the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen is built with stainless steel 303, users also don't have to worry about damage. Stainless steel 303 is the healthiest known material that can be used to construct vape pens, and SOURCEvapes is one of few - if not, the only - vape pen companies to use stainless steel 303 in its line of vape products. 


SOURCE orb 4 is constructed with an updated, 5 setting variable airflow system (VAS) that gives users the freedom to choose their desired airflow and the intensity of their essential oil dabs. This vape pen is compatible with single and double sized SOURCE coiled atomizers that are made with USA-Tested grade 1 titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Its coilless atomizers reduce oil leakage, and are constructed with USA Tested grade 2 titanium and quartz.


StrainCentral's Josh Experiences Smooth, Intense Dabs with his SOURCE orb 4


SOURCE 10cig v5 Vape Pen


Lightweight, Powerful Dabs with SOURCE 10cig v5 Vape Pen


Who knew that intense, delicious dabs were possible on such a small and lightweight vape pen? With the same flavor and intensity as hitting from many standard vapes, the SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pen is revolutionizing the meaning of dabs on the go.


It's being called "the most affordable vape pen", and it has the power of intense, delicious dabs at one of the lowest prices on the market.


 SOURCE 10cig v5 Vape Pen


SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pen comes with a titanium alloy coiled atomizer, as well as two additional single sized quartz and ceramic atomizers. It's slim, pocket-sized, and with a 510 threaded battery, this little, portable vape pen can put out the same power as bigger, more traditional single atomizer vape pens. 


SlowerFuture Vaping with SOURCE 10cig v5 


We're stoked that our SOURCE 10cig v5 and SOURCE orb 4 vape pens could provide good, hearty vapes for this episode of StrainCentral.

Watch Josh and SlowerFuture take hits with SOURCEvapes as they unbox some other goodies: 

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