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SOURCE slim 4 Review By MACDIZZLE420 From HighRise TV

MACDIZZLE420 is at it again with reviews of popular vaporizers. Watch brains and beauty in pure vaping action as she tests the SOURCE slim 4. If you tire of the same old junky vaporizers that end up in the trash after a few uses, watch this video. There's no better way to get the skivvy on SOURCEvapes while checking out a product first hand. And when it comes to vape pens, nobody knows them better than HighRise TV.

MACDIZZLE420 From HighRise TV Reviews The SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit

MACDIZZLE420 With The SOURCE slim 4No stranger to SOURCEvapes products, MACDIZZLE420 begins her review by stating her love for the company. Thanks MACDIZZLE420, you're making us blush. She does this by stating, "SOURCEvapes obviously is one of my favorite vape companies. Super great people that work there. They take really good care of their customers and their vapes are great." Wow, that's quite a compliment!

What MACDIZZLE420 Thinks Is Cool About The SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit

MACDIZZLE420 opens up the SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit and begins the review by mentioning the atomizers. It's the 4 Series SOURCE nail Coil-less Quartz atomizer in particular that she's raving about. Another feature she likes is the size of the pen. MACDIZZLE420 has some pretty small hands and you can see how the SOURCE slim 4 sits in just one of them. It's less than 5 inches tall! 

A Silicone Stash Container At The Bottom Of The SOURCE volt mini Battery?

Yes it's true, and MACDIZZLE420 names it as one of her favorite features. The container sits on the bottom of the battery, air tight as it screws on. It's capable of holding at least a 1/4 gram of material. Another fine feature that the young beauty points out is the SOURCE slim 4 atomizer compatibility. The SOURCE volt mini Battery works with any 4 Series SOURCEvapes atomizer

MACDIZZLE420 Shows The SOURCE slim 4 In Action

MACDIZZLE420 Blowing Out Vapor After Using The SOURCE slim 4 You know, MACDIZZLE420 always tires of talking and gets down to vaping. It's one reason we love her style. Closing the case of the SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit, she takes the mouthpiece off the SOURCE slim 4 Attachment and loads the atomizer. Replacing the mouthpiece over the atomizer, she goes right on to taking a large vape.

If you're wondering how the SOURCE slim 4 performs, watch the video and see a girl with experience hack away. The video cuts there to save her, and perhaps offer a water break. You see her back in a flash and she says, "Really makes it so you can taste..." 

MACDIZZLE420 goes right back to the SOURCE slim 4 and partakes in another huge hit, which she blows directly into the camera. You may start laughing as you watch her trying to shake it off, claiming something about the good hit sweats. 

Concluding MACDIZZLE420's Review Of The SOURCE slim 4

Yea she likes it and she tells you where you can check it out in more detail. Follow SOURCEvapes on Instagram with our handle @Sourcevapes. She also recommends checking out the entire collection at You're already here if you're reading this review, so why not look around? Perhaps start with another MACDIZZLE420 review as she uses the SOURCE nail XL.

If you don't need to hear or see anything else to prove its value, jump down to the SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit order form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to enjoy the review and charm of MACDIZZLE420 in the HighRise TV video. We'll see ya'll next time.

Sincerely, the team here at SOURCEvapes. 

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