Source Vapes Orb 4 Vaporizer - Unpacking & Demonstration By Hazelverse

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Source Vapes Orb 4 Vaporizer - Unpacking & Demonstration By Hazelverse

What could be more helpful to consumers interested in buying a vaporizer than a video unpacking and demonstration of the product? Thanks to Hazel at Hazelverse, that's exactly what you get. Watch Hazel as she starts with the Orb 4 Temp Control Signature Kit with coil-less atomizer, still in its packaging.

This podcast is a prequel to her upcoming review of the Orb 4 from Source Vape, after she uses it for the following 8 days. 

"It's really like an official, heavy duty box" says Hazel as she inspects the container that protects and stores the kit. Going through the video, you get the impression that it takes some figuring out. 

"It didn't come with any instructions", Hazel states as she sorts through all the parts and tries to put the vaporizer together. Eventually, with the help of her off screen boyfriend, she is able to figure it out. Please note that there is an instruction card that comes with the device. It says go to for instruction. On you will see all the instructions for each device and the appropriate atomizer settings for each atomizer.

If you're the type that struggles with vaporizer setup, this video becomes even more valuable. By the end of the video, Hazel has tried a few different pieces the kit comes with. She reserves most of her opinions about the product for her upcoming review. 

It'll be interesting after 8 days of use to see how Hazel feels about the Orb 4 vaporizer's performance. Hold tight till then, but you can still use this video as an intro to the product and instruction guide.

Hazel Unpacking The Orb 4 Vaporizer Kit

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