StrainCentral Vlog Reviews SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit Coiless Vape Pen

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StrainCentral Vlog Reviews SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit Coiless Vape Pen

Catch the summary of StrainCentral and their review of the SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit. Josh the Dab Star jumps right onto the screen with the vape pen. Before he continues into the parts that make up the kit, Josh makes a bold statement. He factually states that no matter what you like to vape, or how you like your hits, SOURCE orb 4 covers it. Its range of temperatures and different types of coiled and coilless atomizers make this possible. 

Josh From StrainCentral Breaks Down The SOURCEvapes orb 4 Premium Kit

SOURCEvapes orb 4 Signature KitStarting with a look at the SOURCE volt Max 60w box mod battery, Josh calls it the SOURCEvapes variable box mod. Notice how he shows the digital temp read out to the viewer as he changes it from low to high. The battery goes from 200F to 700F, allowing users to vape at their temperature of choice. Josh makes sure to mention that the SOURCE orb 4 is not a cheap knock off like some vaporizers that heat only at high temps and actually burn your material. 

9 Different Atomizers

Next up Josh goes into the 9 different atomizers, including our high end coilless atomizers, adding a slide show so you can see their coils. As Josh shows the plates, buckets, and different coils in each of the atomizers, he explains their overall benefits. 1st they actually vaporize your material versus flash combustion. 2nd, the range of options SOURCEvapes provides in atomizers makes them effective for every vaping preference. Not everyone likes to vape the same way.

Testing Out The SOURCEvapes orb 4 Vape Pen with Coilless Atomizers

Once he finishes going through the atomizers, Josh gets straight into vaping. One thing he does bring up is the eCig vibe of the SOURCEvapes orb 4 vaporizer. He feels anyone watching would not second guess it, and Josh attributes this to its non glass attachment. 

Without making the viewer wait till the very end, Josh tests out the SOURCEvapes orb 4 and blows a HUGE hit into the camera. Next Josh does something that perhaps not enough vape critics do. He presents the pros and cons of the vaporizer.

Josh Presents StrainCentral's Pros & Cons Of SOURCEvapes orb 4 Vaporizer


For starters, Josh compliments SOURCEvapes on the way we handle critical reviews. StrainCentral is responsible for providing a ton of feedback on earlier SOURCEvapes models. We took the constructive criticism as just that, a way to become better. 

This shows first in the SOURCEvapes orb 4 attachment. Earlier models show the use of a screw on attachment instead of the quick magnet you now see. Josh mentions how the screw on types get stuck with sticky product when they cool down. The magnetic attachment eliminates this issue. Be sure to watch closely as Josh shows the Variable Airflow System which allows you to set the resistance of your hit. 

Another improvement Josh brings into focus is the depth and size of SOURCEvapes series 4 atomizers. Old ones had a capacity of .2 or .3 grams while the new ones hold about a half gram of product. Here's some more pros Josh talks about:

  • Versatility For Every Vape Preference
  • Provides Both Flavor & Big Hits
  • High Quality Parts & Construction
  • Easy To Customize
  • Portable, Stealthy, & Discreet
  • Easy To Clean
  • Variable Airflow System Allows Big Hits


First, Josh has a minor complaint about the new atomizers. They're deeper and hold more product, but are a bit more difficult to pack. It may be a kind of give and take situation, but we'll take that into account. 

Struggling to come up with much more than the depth of the coil atomizers, Josh does mention that SOURCEvapes volt Max battery uses a proprietary charger. It's a micro USB charger which has the SOURCEvapes logo. A matching charger will work, though we hear Josh when he says it's not exactly standard. 

The StrainCentral Conclusion & Rating

StrainCentral Ranks The SOURCEvapes orb 4 Signature Kit Josh almost forgets, but he does end up giving the SOURCEvapes orb 4 Signature Kit a rating of 6.4 out of 7. Check out the image for the point breakdown. In finishing, Josh doesn't hold back his opinion about the SOURCEvapes orb 4 as a mobile vape pen. He absolutes loves it, going so far as to say that when he goes out it is the pen he reaches for "99% of the time". Thanks Josh! SOURCEvapes works hard to offer the best vaporizers and we're glad you appreciate it.  

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