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StrainCentral SOURCE nail Review: #1 Rated eRig!

The word is in: the SOURCE nail has been rated the #1 eRig by StrainCentral! Featuring coil-less atomizers in USA-Tested Grade 2 titanium, quartz, and ceramic, the SOURCE nail portable eRig offers three ways to vape without hassle. 

Josh of StrainCentral said of the portable eNail, "This is one of the most rad things that I've gotten to review in a while."

The SOURCE nail kit comes with with three atomizers, a glass bubbler attachment, a glass globe vape pen attachment, 40w temperature control box mod, quartz carb cap, dab tool, micro USB charging cable, and a steel carrying case. It also features the revolutionary easy-to-clean removable coil-less buckets, offering a simple and more effective way to clean your coil-less atomizers. SOURCE nail is also available with a standalone dab rig attachment that can be paired with most 30w or higher box mod batteries.

SOURCE nail was also recently named #1 portable eNail by Vaporizer Review, given a rating of 9.4/10!

Check out the video below!



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