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Stuff Stoners Like Review Says SOURCE nail Portable eRig "dishes out some pretty legit rips"

Dabmaster Mat Lee of Stuff Stoners Like recently reviewed the SOURCE nail Portable eRig. Featuring coil-less atomizers in Grade 2 Titanium, ceramic, and quartz, this enail kit offers a never before seen taste sure to please any vape enthusiast.

The SOURCE nail also comes with a glass globe attachment, of which Mat said: "This is why I like SOURCEvapes so much. This thing covers all your bases. The days of carrying multiple instruments for multiple things are over... SOURCE nail is bad ass stuff stoners like."

SOURCE nail is the only true temperature control portable enail available. It also is available as a standalone eRig attachment, that can be paired with any 30w or higher box mod battery.

Check out their review by clicking the image below!

SOURCEnail on Stuff Stoners Like


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