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Mat Lee of Stuff Stoners Like Reviews the SOURCE nail Portable eRig

“This thing is awesome!” Mat Lee from ‘Stuff Stoners Like’ just reviewed the SOURCE nail, the new portable coil-less vaping device with quartz, ceramic and titanium vaporizers.

Just what exactly did this hard-core vape expert like about the SOURCE nail?

Mat clearly loved the 40 watt battery and the long hours of vaping it provides, “It could power your house for a day."  He also liked how all the vape pen attachments of the SOURCE nail were easy to assemble and disassemble, easily stored and carried in a cool box. The coil-less atomizers were also extremely popular. Highlighting the versatility of vaping with water filtration or dry, the SOURCE nail is ideal for hits at home and on the go.

He also enjoyed how the ceramic, quartz and high-grade titanium atomizers are easily interchangeable, making this a high quality and easy to use eRig. 

Check out Mat’s full video review below and see what he thinks of the new SOURCE nail!


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