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Stuff Stoners Like Reviews SOURCE orb 4: "Simple to use? Hell yeah."

We sent our SOURCE orb 4 on over to Stuff Stoners Like, and they published an entertaining review of our industry-changing coilless vape pen. Stuff Stoners Like is a source of news and information, and we were pretty excited to read what they had to say about SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen


Stuff Stoners Like


It’s so shiny, flashy and futuristic-looking that we immediately fell in love with its looks.

- Stuff Stoners Like


SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen

SOURCE orb 4



Let's see what else they had to say in their latest vape pen review...



9 Coiled & Coilless Atomizers

SOURCE orb 4 is the leading vaporizer within the 4 Series. 4 Series features 9 different coilless & coiled atomizers. SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit features six of the nine atomizers featured in 4 Series. The Signature Kit features all 9 coiled and coilless atomizers


4 Series

4 Series


Stuff Stoners Like mentions that the Premium Kit features atomizers from 3 Series. While 3 Series atomizers for SOURCE orb 3 can be used on the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, SOURCE orb 4's Premium and Signature Kits do not include 3 Series atomizers. 

4 Series atomizers are completely upgraded from 3 Series. We've innovated and improved the functionality of these atomizers and used better material to make them. We've also added coilless atomizers and the black ceramic double coiled atomizer for the 4 Series. 


SOURCE orb 4 on Stuff Stoners Like

SOURCE orb 4 Featured on Stuff Stoners Like


Stuff Stoners Like notes that our atomizers are made with USA-tested grade 2 titanium. Our coilless atomizers are made with grade 2 titanium, while the coiled atomizers are made with USA-tested grade 1 titanium.


SOURCE nail titanium coilless atomizer

SOURCE nail Ceramic Atomizer


4 Series features 6 different coilless atomizers. Included are the SOURCE terra 2 All-Ceramic coilless atomizer, the Quartz Plus All-Ceramic Plate coilless atomizer, and 3 different SOURCE nail coilless atomizers made with titanium, quartz, and ceramic. The 3 SOURCE nail coilless atomizers are compatible with SOURCE nail portable e-Rig


How much does it [atomizers] hold?

We say as much as gram, depending on how much you want flavor vs. convenience.

- Stuff Stoners Like


In their review, Stuff Stoners Like discusses the best ways to make the most of these atomizers, as well as how to use them properly and in the most efficient ways. We do not recommend loading a gram at a time of materials. Its probably best to load about 0.2 gram of juice, depending on the consistency of your materials.



Custom Airflow & Temperature

Users get a sleekly designed vape pen made with 303 stainless steel (the healthiest vaporizer material any vaporizer can be made of), as well as the power to customize their dabs. 

With SOURCE orb 4's variety of atomizers, users can control the intensity of their dabs. SOURCE orb 4's 5 setting variable airflow system allows users to perfect their dabs exactly to their liking. 


The airflow is what’s really awesome with the SOURCE orb 4. That and how cool it looks. The teardrop-shaped dome is perforated with small gills that allow for the perfect airflow. We really dig it.

- Stuff Stoners Like


SOURCE orb 4 is powered by the SOURCE Premium battery or the new SOURCE volt max. With wattage control and a 500°F temperature range, both lightweight and heavy dabbers alike can enjoy slow burning, low temperature hits or powerful, hard rips. 


Stuff Stoners Like SOURCE orb 4

SOURCE orb 4 Featured on Stuff Stoners Like


Dabbing with SOURCE orb 4 is simple. To turn on, users press the power button 5 times, choose a wattage setting between 2.7v and 4.2v, choose their desired airflow intensity, load up their materials in an atomizer of their choosing... and then they're ready to start vaping!


Simple to use? Hell yeah.

- Stuff Stoners Like
SOURCE orb 4
Interested in a lustrous and powerful vape pen that go with you anywhere? Looking to experience the full vaping experience with a variety of coiled and coilless atomizers? Seeking a vaporizer that truly allows you to customize your dabs to your preference?
Read the SOURCE orb 4 review by Stuff Stoners Like in its entirety here, and check out what the experts had to say





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