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The Di & Dan SOURCE orb 4 Review - Dan Vapes For The 1st Time

If you're still a virgin to vaping, you might be sitting in Dan's seat right now. For those of you that are no strangers to vaping, you'll understand the way Di feels. It's a bit exciting, and kind of a special moment to introduce someone to vaping for the 1st time. In order to do that Dan needs a vape pen, and his choice is none other than the SOURCE orb 4. Watch Di and Dan from the beginning as they unpack the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. Their video gives anyone considering a premium vape pen a first hand look at the quality of SOURCEvapes products

Di & Dan Review The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit 

Dan With The Sparkling Case Of The SOURCE orb 4It says it right there in one of the first comments below the video. Di and Dan's YouTube channel is worth so many more subscribers than the measly hundred and something they have. Be sure to click subscribe while enjoying the review. It all begins with Dan admitting he's a newcomer to vaping and Di there to assist. They're all set with the recent arrival of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, waiting until the video to do the unpacking. 

Dan Unpacks The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Dazzling special effect work sends showers of sparkles off the clear case of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. Dan holds it up so that the light catches it just right. As he slides the padded case out of its protective plastic cover, Dan reveals his one complaint. He wishes there was a carrying case in the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit.

For a guy who's new to vaping, Dan sure knows a lot about the SOURCE orb 4 and how vape pens work. All jesting aside, he does an excellent job explaining all the uses of the SOURCE orb 4. Dan starts with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery, showing you that 5 clicks toggles the power on or off. Next he demonstrates how the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment screws into the battery. 

The SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Uses A Strong Magnet?

SOURCE orb 4 Attachment's Magnetic GripWhy yes it does, and strong is the viable word here. Dan shows on the screen how well the top part of the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment holds to the bottom. It's important that the hold is firm but it makes accessing the chamber so easy. And access the chamber you must because it holds the atomizer.Heating material at the right temp is another key ingredient in a quality vape pen. Dan shows how to adjust the temperature setting on the bottom of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery

Six Different Atomizers In The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

"Why are there six different coils?", asks Di. Dan is appreciative for the lead in as he prepares to explain the atomizers. There's three different types of coils, Dan says. Actually, the coils are all Grade 1 Titanium wrapped around quartz rods. He's right that there's three different types of buckets. Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic. Dan also shows you the 4 Series SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer. It's a coil-less atomizer with a removable Titanium bucket. 

After showing the coil-less atomizer, Dan describes each one that comes in the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. You can see them all below:

  • Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • Black Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • White Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Plus atomizer
  • SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer

Note that these are all SOURCE 4 Series atomizers and work with any SOURCE 4 Series batteries. Dan explains that each atomizer works differently depending on the material you have. He also correctly states that you don't need to know all this stuff to vape for the first time. 

SOURCE 4 Series Quartz Double Coil AtomizerDan chooses the Quartz Double Coil atomizer for his first vaping experience. Watch as he assembles the SOURCE orb 4 here. Dan has the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment open, and he screws the atomizer into the bottom half. He then screws the bottom half of the attachment into the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery. Finally, Dan allows the magnet to grab the top of the attachment as it snaps over the atomizer and holds firm to the bottom half. He still has to take the top of the attachment back off to load the atomizer.

Remaining Contents Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

As Dan assembles the SOURCE orb 4, you can see the rest of the kit laying out on the table. See the complete list below:

  • SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery
  • SOURCE orb 4 Attachment
  • 6 Different Atomizers
  • Large 510 Charger
  • Premium Material Tool
  • Silicone Container
  • Microfiber Cloth

Dan finishes assembling the SOURCE orb 4, then he shows off the air flow adjustment on the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment. This is the Variable Airflow System, and it allows you to set the amount of air that pulls through the vape pen as you hit it. He goes on a bit more than he should and Di mentions that she thinks Dan is stalling. He does tell the audience that there's no manual or instructions. They're all on

"Let's Get This Show On The Road", Says Di

Dan Blows Out Vapor After Hitting The Source orb 4Di is obviously tiring of Dan's stalling techniques, and she says it's time to vape. The foot is down so Dan loads up some material in to the atomizer. He snaps the magnetic top of the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment back on and presses the button on the battery. Waiting a few seconds to let the material vaporize, he then hits the pen. Dan's first hit isn't a huge one, but you can see the vapor escape his mouth.

Dan loads some more material into the atomizer and goes for a second hit. This time he hits it long and deep, blowing out a thick cloud of vapor. "It's really smooth. The quartz is nice", Dan says when he can eventually speak. 

Conclusion - 10 Minutes Later

The video actually flashes a screen that reads "10 Minutes Later". So it's 10 minutes later and by the look of Dan, the SOURCE orb 4 proves to work its magic again. He's quite pie eyed as Di asks him how he feels. Dan lets Di know that he's feeling fine. 

If Dan was planning on doing more of a review on the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, it'll have to wait for another time. He's not going to be doing any more explaining. Dan does reach off screen and pull in Di's croissant. Thanks Dan. SOURCEvapes is happy to see you enjoying your day. Di, make sure you keep him in line. Try the SOURCE orb 4 for yourself by using the order form at the bottom of the page. Thanks, and see ya'll real soon. The team at SOURCEvapes. 

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