The Orb XL 2 - Reviewed by Arend 'The Gay Stoner'

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The Orb XL 2 - Reviewed by Arend 'The Gay Stoner'

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel KitSOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“I’ve always loved that [SOURCEvapes design] I think that it’s beautiful!” -The Gay Stoner

Arend ‘The Gay Stoner’, gave a remarkable review of the SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit. He tried out both the ceramic and quad coil atomizers for this review, and the smile on his face by the end is priceless. Just wait until you see the size of these clouds! The atomizers impressed him so much, he had to take a second to get himself together on the couch.

The orb XL 2 Travel Kit is the perfect vape pen to take on your adventures. The huge capacity of the atomizers make it ideal for days or nights out and about. Load it up in the morning, and take it with you anywhere without having to stop and refill. The new battery system is also great because you can keep a second charged (removable) battery ready-to-go, and never be without power again!

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“It’s very cool - like a ‘tablet’ version. You know, bigger, better, stronger, faster…. Sexier!” -The Gay Stoner

XL Series SOURCE core atomizer - ceramic

The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit Includes:

  • 1x SOURCE orb XL 2 Attachment
  • 1x SOURCE volt Max box mod battery
  • 1x Sony VTC4 2100mah removable battery
  • 2x XL Series Atomizers
  • 1x 4 Series Atomizers
  • 1x SOURCEvapes Large Travel Case
  • 1x Travel Tool
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 2x USB Charging Cable

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“The cool thing about the SOURCE orb XL [2] is that over 20 different atomizers will fit inside of this thing” -The Gay Stoner

The SOURCE orb XL 2 works with more than twenty atomizers, including seven of the XL series. The XL 2 Travel Kit contains three different atomizers:

  • 1x NEW XL Series Black Ceramic Quad Coil
  • 1x NEW XL Series SOURCE core (All-Ceramic Coil-less)
  • 1x NEW 4 Series SOURCE nail Max (10mm) Quartz (Removable Bucket)

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“I’m nervous AND excited, this thing is going to kill me. I know it will - it always does!” -The Gay Stoner

First Arend looks over the Orb XL 2, and talks about loving the sleek design. He discusses compatibility, and explains that this product works with over twenty SOURCEvapes atomizers! He immediately wants to try the Orb XL 2 with the NEW XL Series SOURCE core atomizer, which is all ceramic and coil-less. He pulls lightly at first, not knowing what to expect. Once he got into the swing of things, the coughing and the clouds were furious! He signals a thumbs-up reaction, eyes watering, still choking. This is amazing.

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel KitSOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

The SOURCE orb XL 2 has a stainless steel 303 body. It’s 510 threaded and has a 2nd Generation Variable Airflow System (VAS) with 5 Settings. The Travel kit includes a SOURCE volt Max mod battery and a removable Sony battery. It also comes with a charging cable, allowing you to charge within the unit itself. This battery gives you the ability to choose and control your temperature, and temperature control gives you the most personalized inhalation experience possible!

XL black ceramic quad coil

“I should probably be done … But I was looking, and they send me a quad coil – there’s four in there! I don’t know how this thing is going to do, but I know I wanna try the shit out of it right now!” -The Gay Stoner

After a sufficient go on the ceramic atomizer, he discovers that he also has a black ceramic quad coil to test out. This is the best reaction ever! After taking a puff, he literally moves back from his chair, as to allow the ridiculous amount of smoke to billow out of his lungs completely! With a red nose, watering eyes, and a whisper, he exclaims:

“Ohhh Myyy Goddd - that was the best dab EVERRRRR” -The Gay Stoner 

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

The orb XL 2 has 6 diverse power modes, meaning manual power control with Wattage Mode. Advanced users can also program their own temp control settings. The SOURCE volt Max is specifically designed for SOURCEvapes products.

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

This temperature Control box mod also has an extended 15 seconds cut-off time. It ranges from 200F - 700F in temperature, giving you unlimited heating options and results. The removable coil-less buckets are easy to clean, are made with 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils, and are USA Lab-Certified. Once your battery is set up, it’s just a matter of picking the temperature you like and you’re good to go.

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit“Good job SOURCEvapes. You made a great product! I’m going to whisper now, because I feel like if I expel to much energy I’m going to start coughing…*cough cough cough*…Coughed anyway” -The Gay StonerSOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“GET ONE – this thing is LIT. Girl bye” -The Gay Stoner

Check out the full Gay Stoner review of the SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit & atomizers below!