TheDabSpot Reviews SOURCE orb 4

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TheDabSpot Reviews SOURCE orb 4

Danielle from TheDabSpot is back with another in-depth vape pen review, this time with...


SOURCE orb 4!

Danielle of The Dab Spot reviewes SOURCE orb 4


"They've [SOURCEvapes] always been top of the line people that are producing really awesome new things."

- Danielle, TheDabSpot


In this vlog review, Danielle is not only reviewing SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen, but is trying out all 6 of the atomizers that come with SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit! She's doing one vape per atomizer, and she's experimenting with SOURCE orb 4's variable airflow system and temperature control in the process. 

She has her eye on the black ceramic double coiled atomizer, and she's saving the best for last this time around...


"Look how porous this black ceramic is. I'm really excited to try this one."


Let's see what else she discovered in this vaping vlog review of SOURCE orb 4...



Danielle holds SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen

Danielle shows off SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen



SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit & Attachment Kit

Before trying a vape on every atomizer in SOURCE orb 4's Premium Kit, Danielle goes over the three main SOURCE orb 4 kits and gives a little breakdown of each. 

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit includes the coilless quartz vape pen and comes with 6 different coiled and coilless atomizers that make up the 4 Series atomizers. It comes with a single coiled atomizer, four different double coiled atomizers, and two different coilless atomizers. These atomizers are made with some of the finest materials on the planet, such as grade 1 titanium, quartz, white ceramic, and black ceramic!


SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit


Danielle has a SOURCE 40w volt battery prior to this vlog review, so she's using that with the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Kit.


"So if you guys already have a mod that you wanna use, and you wanna go for a cheaper version... This is their attachment piece. This is a pretty, pretty gold color. I love this."

- Danielle (TheDabSpot)


And she's right! If SOURCEvapes users are already rocking the SOURCE nail portable eRig, for example, they can opt to purchase the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Kit because they already have the proper 40w volt battery. The SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Kit comes with three USA-tested grade 1 titanium double coiled atomizers and a grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer. It's everything you need for intense, delicious vapes. Plus, users can choose from three different metallic colors on the attachment piece!


SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Kit

SOURCE orb 4 Attachment Kit


SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit includes 8 atomizers. Both the Signature and Premium Kits come with material tools, containers, cleaning cloths, wall chargers, USB chargers, and all of the vaping necessities!



Variable Airflow System & Upgraded Magnetic Lock

"So let's take a little bit of a closer look at the new SOURCE orb 4. So she is very pretty. Looks like it's got an adjustable airflow. 5 holes. And the stick has an adjustable voltage on it."

- Danielle, TheDabSpot


SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen


People should be able to customize their vapes. Plain and simple as that. There are so many different styles of dabbing, and the best vape pen accommodates all of these styles. The lightest of vapers should be able to use the same vape pen as the heaviest. The taste of vaping shouldn't be compromised, either. The best vape pen heats up in a way that brings out the true and full-bodied flavor. 

That's why we upgraded SOURCE orb 4's variable airflow system. Our variety of coiled and coilless atomizers gives more control back to users in customizing their dabs. But the adjustable, 5 setting, new and improved variable airflow system on SOURCE orb 4 perfects one's dab to their exact airflow preference.


Variable Airflow System on SOURCE orb 4



After the release of SOURCE orb 3 vape pen, we set out to create a magnetic lock for the next generation vape pen that would make reloading a faster, cleaner, and easier process. Since the release of SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen, we've upgraded and improved its magnetic threading, so that the lock is more durable. 


So the next upgrade that SOURCE made, they even made them stronger than when they originally came out!

 - Danielle, TheDabSpot


Danielle SOURCe orb 4
Danielle enjoying SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen

Danielle Vapes on Each Atomizer...

The best part is finally here... the dabs! Danielle has set out to vape on each atomizer in SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, and the experience certainly did not disappoint!

She starts off light and easy with the single coiled atomizer. At first she adjusts the variable airflow system (VAS) to 5, but it proves to be too much. So she gives it another go after adjusting the VAS to 2. 


TheDabSpot SOURCE orb 4

"There we go. Nice little hit on the single quartz coil."
- Danielle


Next, she tries out the quartz double coiled atomizer, and it proves to create a much bigger hit than its single coiled counterpart. 


TheDabSpot SOURCE orb 4 double coil atomizer

Check out that cloud!

The power of that huge vape cloud was made possible with the quartz double coiled atomizer, as well as having the battery set to 4.2 volts. For heavy vapers, give this temperature a whirl. 

After this intense hit, Danielle is already feeling the effects of the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen. She talks about how she wanted to do this vlog on SOURCE orb 4, where she vapes on each coiled and coilless atomizer. She discusses her hesitancy in advance knowing how strong SOURCEvapes hits are. But she's a trooper!


TheDabSpot SOURCE orb 4



Danielle gives another double coiled atomizer a go, as well as the quartz plus all-ceramic coilless atomizer and SOURCE nail grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer. 


"That one was actually most like a titanium nail... Looks most like it. Tasted most like it, and felt most like one." 


Her perceptiveness is spot on! In the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, we include a SOURCE nail grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer, not only to accommodate the runniest of materials, but to give users a feel of an eRig hit on a coilless vape pen! 


TheDabSpot SOURCE orb 4 coilless

"I love the fact that you can get every single awesome coil that I've ever tried all in one pack, with the SOURCE orb."


Last but not least, Danielle tries out the atomizer she's had her eye on: the black ceramic double coiled atomizer. She vapes with this bad boy on all the way up at 4.2 volts, and this is what she had to say afterwards:


This is a new thing. I've never seen any other company have these type of coils or even use a black ceramic, so this should be really cool... That tasted frickin' great... It's gone. It just went into the pores... There's not like a puddle in this one left. It's all vaped up.



 TheDabSpot black ceramic atomizer SOURCE orb 4

Vaping with the black ceramic double coiled atomizer


... and she's done, folks! 6 dabs on 6 different coiled and coilless atomizers using SOURCE orb 4 vape pen! 


"Super impressed. Thank you, SOURCEvapes." 


Danielle TheDabSpot SOURCE orb 4

TheDabSpot Reviews the SOURCE orb 4
Check out the vlog review more in-depth as Danielle from TheDabSpot vapes on every atomizer in the SOURCE orb 4 coiless vape pen Premium Kit: