Tim of Stoned Alone Reviews the SOURCE slim 3 Vape Pen

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Tim of Stoned Alone Reviews the SOURCE slim 3 Vape Pen

TIm of Stoned Alone recently reviewed the SOURCE slim 3 vape pen. It features 2 quartz atomizers, variable airflow, and a compact carrying case. One atomizer is a double coil while the other is a coil-less quartz SOURCE terra.

One of Tim's favorite things was the variable airflow. Make your hits hard or small, it your choice with the SOURCE slim 3. He said, "I haven't had a vape with that before, and it makes a huge difference."

variabel airflow on SOURCE slim 3

He gets some heavy use out of the SOURCE slim 3 in this video, and even takes a hit right out of his sleeve. When you want to be discreet, this vape pen has you covered.

sleeve hit

 Here were Tim's favorite things about the SOURCE slim 3;

  • Super smooth
  • Only one button to use
  • Portable and slick
  • Blends in well to the background

He said that you could leave the SOURCE slim 3 on the desk and it pretty much blends in with what else is there. Discreet and portable? That's what the SOURCE slim 3 is all about.

Take a look at the video below to see the full review from Stoned Alone:

For more reviews by Tim at Stoned Alone, check out the website at StonedAlone.space and the Stoned Alone YouTube Channel!



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