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Toke Signals Reviews the SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen

Steve Elliot of Toke Signals recently reviewed the SOURCE orb 4 and they were impressed with the results of the coil-less vape pen. SOURCE orb 4 features significant upgrades over its predecessor the SOURCE orb 3. It still includes both quartz double coil and a SOURCE terra ceramic donut atomizer, but now a SOURCE nail coil-less atomizer is included as well. An additional upgrade is the change of all coiled atomizers to USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium

He was particularly amazed at the efficiency of the atomizers, stating they were twice as effective as others. Steve also said of the new magnetic connection on the SOURCE orb 4, "I absolutely love the Magnetic Lock feature, which means, literally, no screwing around when you’ve loaded the device and are ready." The magnetic lock feature makes your vape pen much easier to load than traditionally threaded vape pen attachments. 

SOURCE orb 4 atomizers are cross compatible with the SOURCE nail portable dab rig. You can go from vape pen to eRig with your same atomizers. Check out the SOURCE orb 4 review by Toke Signals. Then see our other vape pen reviews

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