Vapor Review Blog Reviews the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Coil-Less Vape Pen

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Vapor Review Blog Reviews the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Coil-Less Vape Pen

King and Ty of Vapor Review Blog get to testing with the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL which has been updated as of 3rd Quarter 2016 to now includes a SOURCE nail quartz coil-less atomizer and a triple coil quartz atomizer, made with USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium. The quartz coil-less atomizer enables you to get super smooth hits while the triple coil delivers the strong hit many vape pen users are looking for.

King said, "My favorite feature is this little collar right here... that is well machined!" referring to the variable airflow system. SOURCE orb XL in both varieties comes with variable airflow, which allows you to go from low volume to high volume essential oil hits with just the twist of of the vape pen attachment.

Although most Flosstradamus users are looking to get ripped, King had some great tips on getting low temp hits out of the triple coil quartz atomizer. He recommends holding the battery on for only 3-4 seconds at a time, reducing the power to the coils. This results in a lower temp, smoother hit coming out of the triple coil. Still want to rip it? Hold that battery down until it automatically shuts off, and you will get fat rips.

Check out their video below!

Overall, both Kind and Ty were impressed with not only the hits they got, but the build quality of the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL, which was recently rated as the most durable vape pen in High Times 2016 Vape Pen Review Guide.