VaporNation Reviews SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen

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VaporNation Reviews SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen

VaporNation is the largest source for vaporizers anywhere on the market. They recently sat down and reviewed the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen in its entirety.


VaporNation SOURCE orb 4

VaporNation Reviews SOURCE orb 4


"With the SOURCE orb 4, you harness the power of dabbing in your pocket with some advanced features that are rare for a vape pen."

- VaporNation


From a variety of atomizers, to advanced features, and with a breakdown of how SOURCE orb 4 works, VaporNation has this vape pen covered!



SOURCE orb 4 Advanced Features

Before reviewing SOURCE orb 4 in its entirety, VaporNation goes over its key advanced features that make this vape pen stand out in comparison to other vaporizers.

SOURCE orb 4 comes with a stainless steel mouth attachment that's compatible with any 510 threaded battery. It's made with stainless steel, which is regarded as the healthiest material that any vaporizer has ever been created with. The SOURCE orb 4 vape pen attachment allows users to choose from 3 sleek, metallic colors.

SOURCE orb 4 attachments

SOURCE orb 4 Mouthpieces


Since the SOURCE orb 3, we've upgraded how users load and reload their essential oils. We debuted a new, evolved way to reload essential oils with the magnetic lock. We also improved the magnet strength on our last revision of the SOURCE orb 4 to make for a more durable magnetic lock. All users have to do is pull it apart, and they'll be vaping within seconds!

With SOURCE orb 4, users can customize dabs exactly to their liking. It accommodates all styles of vaping. With the recently upgraded variable airflow system, users have the power to adjust the density of their hits. SOURCE orb 4's variable airflow system is divvied up into 5 settings, accommodating the lightest and heaviest hits.


variable airflow system

VaporNation shows off the Variable Airflow System

closer look variable airflow system

Closer look at the Variable Airflow System
Watch VaporNation unbox the SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit, and read about it, too.



Turning on SOURCE orb 4

VaporNation gives an informative and helpful breakdown of how to use your SOURCE orb 4 vape pen. Turning SOURCE orb 4 on is actually quite simple! In order to turn it on, all users have to do is click the power button 5 times. 


turning on SOURCE orb 4

Turning on SOURCE orb 4


As seen on the picture above, the SOURCE 40w volt battery comes with a digital screen that assists dabbers through their vaping escapades. The digital screen can tell users the status of their initial resistance after users screw on an atomizer.

SOURCE orb 4's 40w battery comes with both temperature and wattage control, so users who may be more familiar with wattage settings can heat up their dabs accordingly. VaporNation discusses how users can opt for wattage mode by clicking the power button 3 times. Users then have to select 'Atomizers' and then 'Normal'.

Once users have selected temperature or wattage mode, they can load up their essential oils, snap the magnetic lock, and adjust the Variable Airflow System to their desired airflow density. 


loading up SOURCE orb 4

Loading up the SOURCE orb 4


It's no secret that the SOURCE orb 4 gets hot. Really hot. It has a 500°F temperature range, so it's more than possible to create low temp and high temp dabs. 


VaporNation SOURCE orb 4 temp range

SOURCE orb 4 gets "hot, hot, hot!"


As soon as users have chosen their desired temperature to bake and vaporize their essential oils, all they have to do is hit the power button once, and inhale. 


SOURCE orb 4



VaporNation gives an excellent breakdown of each atomizer that comes with the SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit. Their breakdown of SOURCE orb 4's 8 atomizers is an informative guide that new SOURCEvapes dabbers can check out for choosing the right atomizer. 


SOURCE orb 4 atomizers

SOURCE orb 4 Atomizers


"The SOURCE orb 4 comes with an arsenal of 8 atomizers,
one for every vaping preference."
- VaporNation



According to VaporNation, the single coiled atomizer is the best cost-effective atomizer for loading smaller dabs. Users will get bigger vape clouds with any of the double coiled atomizers, which are made with USA-tested grade 1 titanium. The double coiled black ceramic atomizer is recommended for low temperature dabs because it's capable of absorbing the runniest of essential oils.
double coil black ceramic Series 4
Discussing double coil black ceramic atomizer


Coilless atomizers are up and coming in the world of vaping as they block leakage and bring out the cleanest and smoothest essential oil flavors. Both SOURCE nail grade 2 titanium and SOURCE nail ceramic atomizers come with removable buckets that are easy to clean.


removable buckets
VaporNation takes apart the coilless atomizers


SOURCE orb 4 is compatible with not only 4 Series atomizers, but XL Series atomizers, as well. This means that if users want to rock out the triple coil atomizer on their SOURCE orb 4, they can! 



SOURCE orb 4 atomizers



"With a temp range of 200 and 700 degrees, 8 atomizers, and a metal briefcase, this vape pen [SOURCE orb 4] is ideal for users looking for the ultimate concentrate experience."

- VaporNation


Watch VaporNation review SOURCE orb 4 for yourself:





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