VaporNation Names The SOURCE orb XL - Top 5 Best Conduction Vape Pens

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VaporNation Names The SOURCE orb XL - Top 5 Best Conduction Vape Pens

When you receive praise for a job well done, the affirmation always feels good. It's that way for the team over here at SOURCEvapes, but it means so much more. When another team the likes of VaporNation features your product in a top 5 blog post, it helps share the benefits with all vape aficionados.

The point is, SOURCEvapes appreciates the acknowledgement but our main goal is to provide you, the user, with the best experience possible. It's also important to know the product deserves the attention. VaporNation's review speaks loudly about not only the SOURCE orb XL vape pen, but also the benefits of vaping with conduction. 

Top 5 Conduction Vape Pens By VaporNation: SOURCE orb XL Makes The Cut

Before getting into the reasons why VaporNation approves of the SOURCE orb XL, notice the prices of the other 4 winners. The closest cost competitor to SOURCEvapes is the Magic Flight Launch Box. It retails $119.00 vs $89.00 for the SOURCE orb XL, and the other vaporizers run even higher. 

Conduction vs Convection: What's The Difference?

VaporNation Company LogoThe SOURCEvapes orb XL is a conduction vaporizer because it uses coils to heat up concentrate. The concentrate must actually come into contact with the coil to atomize and turn into vapor. 

Convection vaporizers use an element to heat the air inside the product chamber. The product you put in the chamber never needs to touch the element to atomize. The air inside the chamber does it as it heats up. 

Pros & Cons Of Conduction Vaporizers


Conduction style vaporizers are simpler in design than convection ones. They don't use as many parts in their construction and so are generally much cheaper at retail point. This same feature makes conduction vaporizers easier to clean and maintain. Less pieces also means less of a chance for one to break, impairing the whole unit. Finally, conduction vaporizers are great on the go. They heat up quickly in comparison to convection vaporizers. 


Because product must touch the coil in a conduction vaporizer, it doesn't atomize evenly. You may have to stir the product intermittently to get the vape working right. If the coil is too hot it can even burn the product, giving off smoke instead of vapor.

Reasons VaporNation Names The SOURCE orb XL Into Their Top 5

SOURCEvapes orb 4 XL Vape PenEach vape pen on VaporNation's top 5 gets only a small write up, but the short paragraph really says a lot about the SOURCE orb XL. The first feature VaporNation mentions is the triple coil atomizer. Do you like big hits that produce huge clouds of vapor? VaporNation is correct when they say that triple coil does the trick. 

VaporNation talks about the SOURCE orb XL magnetized attachment. In the SOURCE orb XL, the atomizer screws right into the attachment. The fact that the attachment pulls right off a strong magnetic hold makes it very easy to repack the atomizer. Alternately, pick up a couple extra SOURCE orb XL attachments and just have them packed and ready to switch out. 

VaporNation also loves the variable air flow feature of the SOURCE orb XL attachment. 10 different vents to choose from offer 10 airflow settings. Make the SOURCE orb XL hard to hit, or let plenty of air through while you draw vapor. Finally, they make a stand for the size of SOURCEvapes orb 4 atomizers which do hold about a gram of product. 

Vape On Top With SOURCEvapes

We love to toot our own horn, but it carries so much more weight when a respected opinion adds in their own voice. A good product deserves praise. VaporNation thinks highly of SOURCEvapes orb XL vape pen, and we hope you will too. Let us know if that triple coil atomizer gives as big a hit for you as VaporNation claims they do. We think you'll agree.