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510-to-eGo Adapter Allows 510 eGo threaded products (like SOURCE orb 3) to work with 510 threaded batteries (like SOURCE volt batteries). Works with: 510 Threaded battery Includes: 1x 510-to-eGo Adapter

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Mystery Design Works with: 3 Series atomizers 4 Series atomizers XL Series atomizers Features: Stainless Steel 303 build New 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System (VAS) w/ 5 Settings Works with 30+ Different atomizers Total! Works with XL Series atomizers Patent-Pending 510 eGo Threaded Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty (Read More Here) Sub-ohm capable battery required (like SOURCE volt) Critic Reviews: "Strongest Vape Pen Ever" - The Vape Critic Best Vape Pen of...