American Made Quartz Buckets for Vape Pens & eNails (4 / XL / XXL Series)

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American Quartz in Vape Pens & eNails

We've teamed up the best quartz brands to make the 1st and only American Quartz buckets for Vape Pens & eNails.

Experience True Taste with these quartz inserts Made in the USA (exclusively for SOURCEvapes products) with your current quartz coilless atomizer. 

At home or on-the-go, get better taste, bigger hits, and more options while you experiment with all your favorite products, like SOURCE orb 4 or SOURCE slim XL.

Simply replace these buckets with the included quartz bucket in your SOURCE nail atomizer of the same size.

The Best Brands. Your Favorite Brands.

Partners include:

  • Eternal Quartz
  • Cryptic Culture Quartz

Quartz Inserts

You can also use your quartz buckets as "Quartz Inserts" and stack them inside each other, for even lower temperature flavorful hits.

  • 10mm bucket inside 13mm
  • 13mm bucket inside 15mm