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  • SOURCE orb 4 (model 2) - Signature Kit - Triple Coil & Quartz Coilless
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SOURCE orb 4 (model 2) - Signature Kit - Triple Coil & Quartz Coilless

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Better Taste. Bigger Hits. More Options.



The followup to the original SOURCE orb 4, the SOURCE orb 4 model 2 is a complete upgrade over its predecessor.

The new m2 features a redesigned Variable Airflow System (VAS) that provides direct top airflow for better tasting hits and bigger clouds.

A new snug pull-top design replaces the magnetic lock, for a more secure connection when in your pocket. This new design allows for more customization.

New | Auto-Run & More

The newly upgraded SOURCE volt Max m2 features a new Auto-Run "Sesh Mode" setting perfect for long sessions. Simply click the button 2 times, and it automatically runs for 15 seconds.

The Temperature Control settings are designed with SOURCEvapes atomizers in mind, for more accurate Temp Control with our atomizers, including our SOURCE nail atomizers (10mm, 13mm, & 15mm).

The Most Popular Atomizers

The SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit includes our 10 most popular atomizers (6 coilless and 4 coiled).

Whether it's a Triple Coil or an American Made Quartz coilless insert, you can Experience True Taste however you want to. 

Instructions & FAQ

Click to go to SOURCEvapes.info for detailed instructions, manuals, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Returns & Warranty

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can feel free to send back your purchase or exchange it.

All of our products are fully covered under our Award-Winning Lifetime Warranty program.

Atomizers, 18650 removable batteries, and 10cig batteries have a 30 Day Warranty.

Works with:


  • Redesigned Top Airflow - Better Taste & Bigger Hits
  • New snug Pull-Top desgin
  • 15-Second Auto-Run "Sesh Mode"
  • More accurate Temp Control
  • 200F - 900F Temp Control Range
  • 5x Coilless Bucket atomizers (2 Quartz, 2 Titanium, 1 Ceramic)
  • 2x Triple Coil atomizers
  • 2x Double Coil atomizers
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1x SOURCE orb 4 m2 - 510 Attachment

10x 4 Series atomizers

1x SOURCE volt Max m2 box mod

1x Sony VTC4 2100mah battery

1x Micro USB charging cable

1x Signature tool

1x Wall charger

1x SOURCEvapes Cleaning cloth

1x SOURCEvapes Signature Briefcase


1x Double Coil - Quartz

1x Double Coil - Black Ceramic

1x Triple Coil - Quartz

1x Triple Coil - Black Ceramic

1x SOURCE terra 2 w/ Terra Core

1x SOURCE nail (10mm) - Ceramic

1x SOURCE nail (10mm) - Quatrz

1x SOURCE nail (10mm) - Titanium

1x SOURCE nail Max (10mm) - Quatrz

1x SOURCE nail Max (10mm) - Titanium