• SOURCE nail XL - Glass, Carb Caps, & Parts
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SOURCE nail XL - Glass, Carb Caps, & Parts

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Customize it - Your Way

Customizer your SOURCE nail XL portable eNail with different water filtration glass options to choose from. 

Change your eRig the way you want to.

Pick up our new Cyclone Carb Cap to experience bigger and tastier hits.

    If you don't have a SOURCE nail XL yet, pick a 510 Base, add 1-2 heatsinks and you're set!

    Glass Globe requires a Globe Base.

    SOURCE nail XL - 510 Attachment parts are Signature Kit parts.

    Batteries do not include charging cables.

    Split-Glass Bubbler connects with dab rigs with 18mm male connections.

    Bubblers Available:

    • Percolator
    • Recycler
    • Spaceship 2-Piece
    • Split-Glass Bubbler
    • Spill-proof Bubbler

    Bubblers & Carb Caps compatible with:

    • Dr Dabber Boost
    • Dabado Bolt
    • G9 Greenlightvapes
    • Dr Dabber Boost Black
    • Poseidon

    Cyclone Carb Cap

    Create bigger clouds with the new Cyclone Carb Cap for SOURCE nail XL.


    NOTE: The Cyclone and Magnetic Carb Cap only work with the current version (tall version released late 2017) of the SOURCE nail XL Split Bubbler, Percolator, Recycler, and Spaceship glass pieces. 

    Instructions & FAQ

    Click to go to SOURCEvapes.info for detailed instructions, manuals, and Frequently Asked Questions.

    Returns & Warranty

    If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can feel free to send back your purchase or exchange it.

    All of our products are fully covered under our Award-Winning Lifetime Warranty program.

    Atomizers, 18650 removable batteries, and 10cig batteries have a 30 Day Warranty.